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Name Weight Description
Best-end Leg Chops 200-250gms Containing small piece of femur bone only. Good and 'meaty' chops. 4 pieces per pack.
Boneless Flap 400-750Gms Presented rolled, flat (bulk) or layer packed.
Denuded Rump 175-225Gms Completely boneless, with all fat removed. Layer packed. Standard number of pieces per pack. Fat cap on.
Foreshanks 275-350gms Bone-in with knuckle-tip off, layer packed.
Hindshanks 275-350Gms Bone-in with knuckle-tip off, 2 or more pieces per pack. Bulk or layer packed, boneless.
Neck Fillets 100-150Gms Completely boneless neck muscles with ends squared. Layer packed. 6 or 12 pieces per pack.
Neck Slices 100-150Gms Bone-in neck slices, well trimmed and cut to standard thickness, layer packed. 6 or 12 pieces per vac-pack.
Saddle Chops 130-160Gms The traditional 8-rib saddle of lamb removed between the base of the chump on leg and 5 rib forequarter. Flap cut 25mm from the eye muscle. Saddle is then cut into 20mm thick chops Pieces per pack, layer pack, thickness, specialty catering pack.
Shoulder Rack 250-350gms 4 rib rack derived from the square cut shoulder by removing the blade. Two pieces per pack.