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Name Weight Description
ABO Leg (Carvery) 1.25-1.75k This oven-ready leg prepared by removal of the aitch (hip) bone and shank to render a femur-bone only chump-on joint.
ABO Leg (French) 1.7-2.2Kg This well known leg is removed from the aitch (hip) bone, with all leg bone remaining intact, along with the shank and chump. Knuckle-tip and gam cord intact for hanging/smoking.
Boneless Leg Approx 1.5 Carefully seam boned to yield a completely boneless leg with chump-on and shank-off.
CKT Leg 1.5-2.2kg The bone-in, chump-off leg removed at right angles to the backbone, then knuckle-tip cut off to leave the standard 'CKT' leg.
Liberty Leg 1.3Kg - 1.45Kg This multipurpose leg has been prepared by removing the chump, aitch bone and shank. A unique boning procedure has been devised so the that femur bone can be removed, by the consumer or chef, leaving a completely boneless leg. 1.3 or 1.45kg set weights
Short-cut Leg 1.5-2.0kg This femur-bone only leg prepared by the removal of aitch (hip) bone, chump and shank. Taken from a heavier carcase presents an ideal alternative to the carvery leg.
Silverside 350-500g Seamed boned from the outside of a heavier grade leg, the primal is cleanly removed from the Femur Bone and trimmed of all excess fat cover.
Tunnel-boned Leg 1.0-1.5kg The femur bone is carefully removed by the 'tunnel-boning' method to leave the boneless chump-on leg in one complete piece. Shank removed.