Horizon Product Packaging

Blue Sky Meats can cater to a wide range of customers’ requirements for packaging. Our lamb, mutton, venison, bobby veal and goat can be individually wrapped, poly bagged, layer packed, bulk packed or vacuum packed. Lamb and mutton can also be packed into convenient retail ready traypacks. Our attractive printed Horizon vacuum bags are particularly eye-catching, informing the buyer of safe handling procedures as well as being multi-lingual. The high quality intact or skin film packaging we use is perfect for supermarket display, in particular for portion controlled or further processed items.

Horizon product is presented in both standard cartons or smaller catering size half cartons. We pack many of our bulk pack items into waxlined cartons which are perfect for manufacturing customers intending to further process the meat. These cartons remove the risk of poly-entrapment and minimise the amount of packaging to dispose of.

We can label both pieces and cartons to meet market and customer-specific requirements. Importer or bar codes can be accomodated as well.