Introducing the Liberty Leg

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The team at Blue Sky Meats wanted to create an exciting new cuisine solution that would satisfy both long-time New Zealand lamb fanatics as well as first-time buyers. We thought about how most of us breezed past the frozen food section at the supermarket not expecting too many surprises. We also considered that many of us like to have more cooking alternatives than the good old "Sunday roast". Some of us prefer barbecues, curries and kebabs, while others can think of nothing better for a dinner party that an impressive modern roast. We wanted to create a product that was innovative, eye-catching and above all, versatile. We involved all the staff from accountants to production managers to their partners and even a few mothers and fathers. The end result was the Liberty Leg of Lamb (NZ patent application 335130). [That’s right like all cunningly designed, superbly crafted inventions it needs to be patented - remember what happened to those widgets in the cans of beer?]

Our production staff are the equivalent of Formula One mechanics, each one trained to produce great lamb products and to reject anything short of our exacting standards. They take one tender, fresh lamb leg and then these master technicians go to work preparing the bone for easy removal when it gets to you. The groovy packaging which you see before you is applied and then the product is flash frozen to maintain it’s qualities of tenderness and taste. After that it is a hop, skip and a jump half way around the world to your neighbourhood supermarket where the Liberty Leg barely has time to reach the freezer before it is selected by yourself or a similarly discerning customer. Which is where you come in. We suggest you give the Liberty Leg plenty of time to thaw in your fridge overnight and then you are set to go. Now it’s up to you. We have provided some recipes you might like to consider. You can try one of our recipe ideas or go ahead and let your imagination run wild.

If you think you have discovered a Liberty Leg recipe that the world should share then please send us an e-mail at and we will add it to the site.

Here at Blue Sky Meats we have the job of selling the Liberty Legs as well a big range of other fine products. It’s great to be selling something we all helped to create and its our pleasure to present for your culinary enjoyment, the Liberty Leg.

Prepare to be impressed.