Our discerning customers can be assured that the fresh meat they receive is of the highest quality, bred to strict specifications by selected suppliers.

Not only is the meat grown in New Zealand’s clean healthy environment, but it is processed - slaughtered, boned, chilled, frozen - using the latest in hi-tech, automated equipment thus minimising damage to the muscle tissue.

Our lamb, mutton, veal, venison and goat are produced in accordance with stringent hygiene and quality controls at every stage.

To ensure tenderness, Horizon lamb is accelerated, conditioned and aged, fresh/chilled or deep frozen for export.

Our product’s original fresh quality is sustained by notable advances in agricultural technology and the rigorously applied New Zealand health regulations, precautions and safety standards throughout production.

The lamb is individually wrapped or vacuum packed and presented in standard cartons or convenient catering size half-cartons and promptly freighted by air or sea.

Blue Sky Meats will respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.