Horizon Meats / London Kiwis Partnership

Thu, 08 Feb 2001
Cam Mathias

Being a company of avid rugby fanatics we are keen to be associated with the advancement of rugby and New Zealand's place in the great game at every opportunity. While the team at Horizon Meats New Zealand Ltd have easy access to good quality Southern Hemisphere rugby, those of us in the Mother Country are forced to endure a diet of the Northern Hemisphere variety.

Until now!

We were stoked to find out that there is an active club of New Zealand players based in London, with inspired management and a packed schedule of local and overseas fixtures. We are proud to be associated with the London Kiwis and look forward to supplying lamb for their promotional and barbeque requirements in the 2001 season and summer.

All the best to the teams and you can follow their progress at their site below. If you live in the UK and you are interested in playing for the Kiwis then contact Joe Hutley at joe@kiwismail.com

Cam Mathias

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