Horizon Meats Uk Ltd To Open In October 1999

Sun, 23 Apr 2000
John Upton

Horizon Meats New Zealand Ltd will commence marketing operations in Europe from October 25, 1999. Horizon Meats' market manager Cameron Mathias will take up the position of General Manager of the new company, which is to be based in Sevenoaks, Kent. The move has been welcomed by Horizon Meats' supply partner Blue Sky Meats (NZ) Ltd.

Horizon Meats UK Ltd will focus on further added value opportunities and providing support for Horizon's existing customers in Europe. In considering the decision to set up in the UK, the directors of the company were mindful of the improved information flow and market awareness that a presence in Europe will offer the company.

We recognise our place in the New Zealand sheep meat industry is one of a specialist operator. We respect the scale and nature of our larger competitors' operations and we see ourselves offering a different type of service to both suppliers and customers. By concentrating our efforts on relationships with a select group of suppliers and customers we expect to achieve the continual improvement necessary to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

We see this as an exciting time for our companies. A transition to a more integrated approach to our business represents more opportunities for our suppliers, our staff and our shareholders. The UK office will be a catalyst for the exchange of information about strategic developments in the food processing and food retailing industries. Horizon Meats needs to have a strong understanding of these developments. We must capitalize on emerging trends in consumption, exploit areas of opportunity, and develop partnerships with customers that can challenge us to continually improve our standards.

A key focus for Horizon is to secure and build on the strong relationships that we have already developed in the European market and extract maximum value for our food products. Achieving superior returns for our suppliers and profitability will be dependent on continuing to work with our customers in the most efficient and cost effective way. To stay competitive in the long-term, we may need to break with our traditional marketing principles, and how we conduct our business with the end-user. The consumer must be at the heart of our future strategy and our customers will be selected with that in mind.

The UK office brings Blue Sky Meats and Horizon Meats even closer together, continuing a successful relationship begun over twelve years ago. Through our relationship with Blue Sky Meats we have a progressive supply partner that provides us with consistently high quality products produced under rigorous hygiene and food safety standards. Blue Sky Meats' close relationships with their farmer suppliers will be an invaluable part of the future success of our combined efforts.

Given the current level of uncertainty in the New Zealand sheep meat industry we believe our decision indicates a continued commitment to the industry and our intention to take a confident and positive role in it.

For further information contact:

John Upton
Managing Director
Horizon Meats New Zealand Ltd.